Monday, 30 July 2012

Marshmallow Pops

This is another 'make' from the activity packs I've made for my children this summer and one that the whole family had a lot of fun with.

I can't be specific on quantities here, it depends how piggish your family is! But this is what we used:

1 bag of pink and white marshmallows
50g white chocolate
50g dark chocolate (you could use milk if you wanted)
A variety of sprinkles/coloured sugar/coconut/dried strawberry

Tray/baking sheet
Skewers/straws or cake pop sticks

Firstly line a tray or baking sheet with foil. Make sure it's long enough to lay your wooden skewers/lollipop sticks on.

Then push the marshmallows onto the skewers or sticks. I've seen suggestions of using straws, but if you do I'd suggest cutting a small slit into each marshmallow before pushing the straw in. Then pop the marshmallows on sticks into the freezer (this will help the chocolate set faster).

Whilst the mallow pops are freezing, break the chocolate into separate bowls and melt in the microwave. Do this in short bursts to prevent overheating it. Whilst the chocolate melts, put a little of each type of sprinkle into a small container ready for dipping.

Once the sprinkles are sorted and the chocolate is melted, bring the mallow pops out of the freezer and dip each firstly into one of the chocolates, then into your desired sprinkle. Lay carefully on the foil and allow to set.

Tie together in bunches for a gift, or if you're like us, eat them up as soon as possible and feel really full and happy after :-)

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