Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Grape Caterpillars

Such a great little make. I put these together quickly for my children, but I'm sure they would have enjoyed 20minutes or so putting them together themselves!

In the holidays, Monday afternoon is always 'Movie Afternoon'. I do a 'Now Showing' poster with a picture of the film and details of the snacks that will be served, and I try to link (loosely) those snacks with the film. So for The Jungle Book, there was popcorn with surprise jelly animals at the bottom. For Toy Story we have cartons of juice with Woody and Buzz on, and cookies to go with. These Grape Caterpillars accompanied A Bug's Life!

What you need:
Chocolate drops
A little melted chocolate or icing
Wooden skewers

Simply thread 8 or so grapes onto a wooden skewer. Using the icing or melted chocolate as 'glue' stick the chocolate drops onto the end grape as eyes - da da!

Obviously be careful using the wooden skewers do not stab yourself when assembling, and closely supervise the children eating them too.

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